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The Bingham Family of Sutton Bingham, Somerset


   The earliest proven connection of a Bingham with Sutton dates from the reign of Henry III (1216-1272). William de Bingham married Cecelia, daughter of Geoffrey de Mandeville, Lord of Hardington and Coker. William was the grandson of Ralph de Bingham who may have been Knight and the first lord of Sutton Bingham in the reign of Edward III. Upon his marriage, William received Sutton  Bingham as a gift from Geoffrey.

   William may also have been a Knight as stated in several old pedigrees, but no official record of that status exists. William died before 1243.

   Edward the III then confirmed the land to John de Bingham, cousin and heir of William. John died before 1357.

   In that year, William de Bingham, presumed to be John’s son, was the owner of Sutton  Bingham and the advowson of the church for one knight’s fee and 20s. rent. This William de Bingham held other lands in the Yoevil area. He was mentioned in 1327 as Dominus de Sutton Bingham. William [or a grandson William ?] sold the advowson of the church and fifteen acres of land in Sutton in 1381 and in 1382 he entailed Sutton to his three sons, John, Thomas, and Richard.

   None of the sons had male heirs, so Thomas’s two daughters inherited the Manor of Sutton Bingham and by partition, Sutton became the sole property of daughter Johanna. She survived her first husband, Thomas Kelway and after her second marriage, she settled Sutton on her son John Kelway in 1448. Sutton Bingham thus passed out of the Bingham family.



of Somerset


                                       RALPH de BINGHAM                                  ROBERT de BINGHAM
                                       Of Somerset                                                    (1164-1246)

                                                                                                                  Bishop of Salisbury 1228

                WILLIAM de BINGHAM = Cecelia                                   ROBERT de BINGHAM

                of Sutton Bingham                                                                First at Melcombe Bingham

                Arms: Ermine three lions rampant                                   Arms: Azure a bend cotised

                In chief (tincture of lions not known)                               between six crosses patee or
                Died before 1243                                                                   (see Bingham Family, Dorset)


                                     John de Bingham

                                     Died before 1357



                           (Sir) William de Bingham

                           Dominus de Sutton Bingham 1327 or 1357

                           Entailed Sutton Bingham to sons John, Thomas, Richard, 1382


                                   Thomas  de Bingham = Mary, aunt and heir of

                                                                                Thomas Romsey (de Ramsey)


                                                            Joan (Johanna) = Thomas Kelway


                                                                                 John Kelway, 1448      

For more detail see:

McCalmont, Rose E. Memoirs of the Binghams. London: Spottiswoode & Co., 1915

Above: Map of Somerset County. Sutton Bingham is near Yeovil.

Above: Historical Boundaries of Sutton Bingham

Above: Current Map of Location of Sutton Bingham

Above: Aerial View of Sutton Bingham

  Sutton Bingham today is a small village of about 8 buildings and 25 residents encompassing about 556 acres. For a large, detailed map see


Sutton Binghams, Somerset
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