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   Many Bingham families of Irish descent migrated to the United States during the federal, national, civil war, post civil war and later periods. While no links to English ancestors have been proven, the Bingham Association has always included these families as part of its single name, or umbrella approach to family history.

   Several researchers are busy working on various Irish Bingham lines. Two well documented publications appeared in the 1980s and should be considered standard works. They are cited below and can be located using 

     Bingham, James Barry. Descendants of James Bingham of County Down,

          Northern Ireland. Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1980


     Jackson, Josef A. John and Margaret Bingham’s Family: A History of John

          Bingham and Margaret Hawthorne of County Antrim, Northern Ireland

          and Their Descendants, 1808 - 1983. Grand Island, NE: J.A. Jackson, 1983


  The Irish surname Bigham presents a different issue in United States research. Depending upon the ethnic background of the recording clerk and/or the geographic area of the country, the name was variously recorded as Bigham or Bingham. The late Franklin R. Bigham of Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania shared with me how he endured four years of being a Bingham while he attended Duke University in North Carolina because the university refused to register him under the correct spelling of his surname. In fact, this problem was so common that researchers should look under both spellings and may need to separate Binghams and Bighams within many states before finding the right person. When time permits, I shall include on this website the research I have done on the Bighams in Pennsylvania.

   The surname Bingaman, sometimes also confused with Bingham, is a separate issue. For instance, Bingham’s Orchard on Highway 30 (Lincoln Way West) in Franklin County, Pennsylvania is owned by a family originally named Bingaman. They changed their name, they told me, because they were more often called “Bingham.”




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