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Bingham Families: United States

     Many Binghams came to the North American colonies before the American Revolution. Some were adventurers and did not remain, some were transported in bondage and may or may not have remained, and some were bona fide settlers.           


     In the area that became the United States, we can document only four Binghams who arrived as settlers during the colonial era and remained to raise families. Their names, place of origin, place of settlement, and arrival dates as nearly as we know are:

  1. Bullet     Thomas Bingham of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

                 and Saybrook, Norwich, and Windham, Connecticut, 1652 - 1659

     Thomas Bingham of Connecticut was the first of his line and the earliest Bingham in point of time to settle, remain and raise a family in the American colonies. He fathered eleven children, ten of whom had children of their own. This family is the focus of the Bingham Association and the 1996 book The Bingham Family in the United States: The Descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut. To read the entry for Thomas Bingham in the 1996 Family History, click on Thomas of Connecticut to the left.

  1. Bullet    James Bingham of Newport, Essex, England,

                 and of Evesham, Burlington, West Jersey and Philadelphia,

                 Philadelphia, PA, 1681

    James Bingham of West Jersey was the emigrant ancestor of the more famous William Bingham of Philadelphia.

     William Bingham, once the richest man in America and a financier of the American Revolution, was the fifth generation of his line to live in the North American colonies. His great great grandmother, Bridget Bingham, and her four children, Mary, Ann, James, and Margaret, emigrated to West Jersey in 1681. William, himself, was born and lived most of his life in Philadelphia, but moved to England shortly before he died. His Bingham line had a significant impact on Pennsylvania and American history.

     The sketch of his line on this website is an original piece of research based upon both original records and published articles and books. It is also the most complete sketch of his family line to date. I follow the male lines and document the female lines through their children only.

     The format used is the same one that I developed for the Bingham Book.  I believe that it is easier to follow than traditional genealogy formats. The numbering system uses the legal form, the layout is by generations, the text is  mine.

  1. Bullet    Stephen Bingham Virginia, before 1759


                        To be added.

  1. Bullet    Charles Bingham of New York

                       To be added






Bingham Families: United States

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