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    The purpose of the Bingham Association is to collect, preserve, and disseminate information about past and present members of the Bingham family and in general to increase fellowship among its members.

        Traditionally, the efforts of the Association have been focused on the descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut. Thomas, with his mother, Anne Fenton Bingham, migrated to the American colonies from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England between 1652 and 1659 when Thomas was ten to seventeen years old. Thomas and his father, Thomas, were probably from the Nottingham Bingham Family, but a documented connection is not proven, yet.

        From Thomas’s arrival in Saybrook, Connecticut to the present, thirteen generations of descent have been traced and documented in two official Association publications and in several other publications as well.

        Thomas had eleven children and as with every other family their descendants include the famous and the not so famous. Some became farmers, ranchers, orchardists, and  viticulturists; others became teachers, preachers, missionaries, and soldiers; some followed educational, religious, and military pursuits; some were craftsmen, traders, and salesmen; others became industrialists, lawyers, doctors, and scientists; a few even became protesters, prisoners, and congressmen.

        In tracing the descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut, early researchers identified other Bingham lines. They called these “Partial Bingham Genealogies, Beginnings Unknown”. It is possible that some of these were from the English Melcombe Bingham Family. Others were of Irish descent. Many of these lines are still in fragment form and connections are needed. Much more research needs to be done. This website will include these lines as material becomes available.

       This website will also link to other websites that offer documented facts about Bingham lines. The goal is to create as many complete Bingham lines as possible.




Bingham Association: Purpose

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