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We are an informal group primarily interested in documenting the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut.

People with an interest in other Bingham lines are also welcome.

Eligibility: Any person related by blood or marriage to any person whose family name is BINGHAM is eligible for membership.

New members: Simply complete a minimum four generation documented genealogy of immediate ancestors and as many generations of descendants as exist and submit to the Association. After evaluation of authenticity and documentation, the Association will contact the submitter.

Current members: Past contributors to the Bingham Book and Updates, and Bingham Book purchasers are considered members.

Dues: Everyone must submit a valid email address to receive news and UPDATE information. No monetary payment is required.

Meetings: Officially, the annual meeting of the Association is held on the fourth Saturday in June of each year (but we are too far flung to actually meet in person).

Officers: The officers of the Association are President, one or more Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Archivist-Historian. No officer receives compensation.

Board of Directors: Members are Association officers and no more than nine other members. The Board meets irregularly to advise the President.

Advisory Council: Members are skilled in the discipline of genealogy, history, or publishing, number not more than thirty, and are appointed by the Board.

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Bingham Association: Membership

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