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     The Bingham Association began life with a grand dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City on February 12, 1925.

     Its first officers  were: U.S. Senator Hiram Bingham of Connecticut, President;
General Theodore A. Bingham of New York, Vice President; Judge Robert W. Bingham of Louisville, Kentucky, Vice-President; F.F. Bingham of Pensacola, Florida, Vice-President; Walter Bingham of Ogden, Utah, Vice-President ; Professor Eugene C. Bingham of Easton, Pennsylvania, Secretary; Frederick L. Bingham of New York City, Treasurer; and Dr. Anne Bingham of New York City, Recorder.

   The Association set as its principal goal the printing and publishing of the three volume set, The Bingham Family in the United States. This was accomplished in 1927 with volume one and in 1930 with volumes two and three. Theodore A. Bingham, or TAB as later researchers have referred to him, functioned as compiler and Eugene C. Bingham oversaw publication.

     Hiram Bingham III


   For years thereafter, Association activity dwindled. Arthur W. Bingham Jr. was
the faithful Treasurer and last surviving officer at his death in 1967. For a decade, the Association maintained a custodial role by preserving information offered by interested family members, but remaining always on the lookout for a qualified genealogist who would make it possible to produce a new edition worthy of the effort that had gone before.

   In 1977, Donna Bingham Munger, an historian by profession, came forward to meet the considerable challenge presented by such a project. In working out her own line of descent from Deacon Thomas, our first American ancestor, she became interested in pulling together, verifying, perfecting, and adding to the information which had become available from various additional sources. The Association came to life again.     


      Theodore A. Bingham

New Officers, Directors, and a Board of Advisors began work. With their help and the
assistance of over one hundred other Bingham researchers, the Association published an updated version of the family genealogy in 1996 titled The Bingham Family in the United States, The Descendants of Thomas Bingham of Connecticut. This new one volume superseded the previous three volumes by correcting  errors, providing sources, and adding new material. Expanded or new bio-sketches provided a greater historical depth. A different organization and numbering system made for easier use.



     Eugene C. Bingham


Still, the goal of complete coverage of all eleven of

Thomas’s descendants is not complete. We continue

to research and we publish an annual UPDATE to the

1966 Bingham Family History.


Frederick L. Bingham

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The Bingham Association is a non-profit organization.

The address is:

18 North Bingham Street, Cornwall, VT 05753




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